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An Abandoned Website Gets a New Direction … Yes, This Site.

I started writing extra curricular photography stuff here a little over a year ago. This was a seemingly great outlet, considering the life of a full-time photographer often left me to share mostly the things that are pertinent marketing rather than things I found interesting or just amusing.

For a brief few months I posted photos and a few stories here at Don’t Hibernate. Shortly there after, I stopped. No explanation (not that I had any readers looking for one!), no updates, no see ya later. What happened was that I had began writing somewhat regularly for, an amazing photography news and education site that has more reach than I could have ever hoped to find here (right?). So if you’re here for that sort of stuff, I’ll leave my old posts below, but find me on Fstoppers. For real.

Going forward, the site will be more focused on family recreation. Primarily, I’ll be focused on analog, tabletop gaming. Yup, board games. I’ve been a big fan of board games for a long time, but in 2016 I promises myself and my family that video games were on the decline and board gaming would be on the rise.

12628612_10102713500345654_3549270096703205456_oI’m happy to report, that the first month-plus of 2016 has given me and my family more tabletop gaming that I could have ever imagined! Its been like a blackhole … nay! A vortex! A huge spinning, geeky vacuum who’s gravity has taken hold of many people in my life.

I’m keeping the name of the site, because I think it still applies? “Don’t Hibernate” works for me as encouraging mentally stimulating activity and interactive fun without an internet connection or HD screen. It works still, right? Oh well, I like it, and I’m the only person who has read this, so far as I can tell.

Game on!



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