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Normal Life :: Winter 2015

Since I’ve abused the idea of this blog and all projects are on back-burners (big surprise), I figured it would make sense to share what I have been shooting that isn’t “work”. At this stage, I realize that it is purely cathartic. I love the name “Don’t Hibernate”, so I won’t let the URL collect dust. I’ve mustered up that much motivation, anyway?

With that said, photographing your life isn’t purely the mundane. It’s necessary. At least for me it is. The day-to-day catalog of the slowly evaporating childhood that occupies my house and my time is precious to me, and thusly you’ll find some youth basketball, winter tree climbing and romping puppies below. Also, eggs. Stay warm.

That’s my Kevin. He’s the 1st-grader who lives down the hall from me. He’s thoughtful, articulate, and growing into a full-blown boy way too fast. Basketball is new for him this year, but he’s coming along quickly. On the technical end, it’s giving me a chance to recall how much I don’t miss having a paycheck ride on getting good shots in high school gymnasiums. Anyone who has had the pleasure of shooting prep sports in the winter can tell you that gym lights are only one step above shooting by the light of  a charcoal fire. ( Above: iPhone lights and Nikon D750 with 50G. Below: D750 and 70-200 f/2.8)




I feel that it is crucial that as I become an old man, as many men tend to do, that I have someone in my life that I get to smilingly refer to in a raspy voice as a “firecracker”. Right? Seems like a plan. Well, I’ve had that role filled for 5 years by Josie. (D750, 50G)


Nobody in our house likes the cold more than Kingsley, my almost well-behaved Havanese.

2015-02-28_0009Aaaaaaaand finally!!!!! The eggs. Just because I like the texture. Windows light with a little paper upfront for fill.


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