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Splendor :: Greed, Logic, Math, Obsession

Every day after school pickup, I start thinking about rubies, emeralds, and gold. The satisfaction of clicking big custom poker chips and collecting a horde of beautifully illustrated cards is practically mine once the kids have wrapped up their homework. We’ve got a new two-player game that we can’t get enough of in my household!

My eight-year-old son and I have recently become greedily obsessed with an amazing, yet simple economy/card-collection game called Splendor! A simple engine building mechanic drives Splendor’s game play. You choose¬†one action per turn. Currency is either temporary or permanent, but the more you make the more you can spend, and spend you will! I’d break it down turn-by-turn, but that would be boring and you’ll find plenty of guys on Youtube who will do a better job than me. Take Rodney for example:

The bottom line is that Splendor is a compact, delightfully simple game that encourages math, logic, and risk taking. The scale of the game is perfect in that it generally plays in 30-40 minutes with 2 to 4 players. Its works beautifully as a one-on-one¬†game that sort of feels like racing solitaire in a way, but with chips … hmm … if that makes sense? My son is in second grade, and that seems like about the right level to introduce this game, as my first-grader is a little bored with it, other than clinking the chips together. However, every kid is going to be different in that regard.

There isn’t much to complain about with this one. The components ( few that there are ) are amazing, the art is great, and it’s an awesome two-player game that is a five-minute teach for kids or adults! I just want a smaller box, please?

Anyway give it a try!


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